Best Advanced Techniques to Generate Leads with Social Media in 2020

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Social media is becoming essential in our lives every passing day. It has become unavoidable, and it has also opened a new field of marketing. It has made it easier to reach your customers and be in touch with them more than ever. It has also made it easier for the customers to reach out to the brands and businesses they love and want to connect.

With the rise of the digital world and the dominance of digital marketing, it is absurd to not engage in social media marketing.

Here are a few methods that help you generate leads on different social media platforms. 


Facebook is a massive social media platform. There are around 2.4 billion users on Facebook. Most of the people you know are probably on Facebook which means many of your potential customers and clients already use it.  If you aren’t actively trying to seek your customers via Facebook, then you are losing on a lot of them. That makes it essential for you to have a Facebook presence. Hence it is vital for you to up your Facebook game and optimize your Facebook page to attract maximum customers and clients.


Here are some tips that will empower you to attract your Facebook clients.

1) Don’t get entangled in the wrong game

It is common to see people focus on the number of likes and shares their Facebook posts receive. Many even frequently brag about the number of likes and shares they get. But does it actually matter?

Well, to be honest, likes and shares aren’t the most important metric that you need to focus on when it comes to social media and especially Facebook. It is the leads instead. 

Your primary focus has to be the number of leads generated. The goal of every Facebook campaign has to be lead generation. Likes and shares might lead to lead generation in the longer run, and they might be useful for self-promotion. But focusing solely on that makes you lose focus on what made you enter the game in the first place.

2) Optimizing your Facebook page for the lead generation

Facebook is a place of intense competition. Everyone here is trying to get your customer’s attention. That makes it essential for your page to be different and better optimized. Experts recommend the use of 3Cs for that.

. Customization – your page should better be customized to let the information flows naturally. It is crucial to keep the readers’ convenience in mind. Customize your page in a way that hits the users with your information in the right direction.

. Content- One thing the whole world agrees on is that “The Content Is King”. People online are thirsty for good content. Deliver them good quality content, and you will rise above your competitors.

.Call to action- It is essential to have a simple, witty and unique call for action. That improves your chances of getting users to sign you up. It is also important to remember not to use more than one CTA. Having too many CTAs will make it more likely for people to follow not even a single one.

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3) Have Facebook ads with links to email gated content 

Facebook ads are low cost. One way to best utilize them is by promoting your email gated content via them, and you will see a boost in your leads list. 


Twitter, as a social media platform, may not be as big as Facebook. But it would be unwise to write it off just because of it. Twitter, as a platform, has a very different way of engagement, and in recent years its user base has only increased. 81% of young people check twitter at least once a day. Here are a few different ways that will boost your chances of lead generation on Twitter.


1. Infuse a CTA in Your Twitter Bio

An excellent way to get leads without even investing a penny is by incorporating CTA in your bio. Your Twitter bio is the first thing anyone sees when they encounter your account. And this is true for every single time they visit. Use your bio in the best way to inform everyone about your business in 160 characters. 

You can put a link in your bio. Then the only thing you need is the right landing page, and the content will make users sign up.

2. Make your CTA clear- 

For twitter, it is crucial to make your CTA simple and straight to point. The more direct and concise it is better. For example “15 % off this month, sign up here.”

3. Mention your offering- 

What you are offering should be precise and exact. For example, it can be a free eBook, or it can be a discount, or it can even be a webinar. Having a clear offer makes it easier for users to sign up, and it helps in increasing brand loyalty and trust. 

4. Focus on growing properly- 

The whole game of twitter revolves around numbers. The number of followers you have, number of likes, retweets you get all matter. 

Tweeting with a low number of followers can be demoralizing but having a large number of followers you cannot sell isn’t any different either. Your focus has to be on developing your follower base whom you can sell.

Make it a point to plug your twitter wherever you are active online. While posting focus on what’s relevant to your target audience. Retweet buy also remember to share your views and tips. 


Though Facebook owns Instagram, it has its place in the world of social media. It is the fastest growing social media and the most favorite of young people. It is a social media that speaks only in the language of images and videos. Hence having a presence on Instagram is vital for the growth of your business. Here are a few techniques to increase your leads from Instagram:


1- Post high-quality product/ company-images: 

As mentioned earlier, Instagram speaks the language of photos and images. Hence, it is essential to have quality images and captions that will get your message across and showcase your business. It leaves a lasting impression and makes it more likely to follow the CTA.

2- Like and comment on posts of others:

Instagram doesn’t leave much room for engagement like other Social Media platforms, but there is a way to increase your engagement. It is by liking images and posts of others. Similarly commenting on other posts brings attention. If the comments are witty, then you get a bonus point.

3- Geotag your images.

Geotagging helps customers and businesses in your locality to find you. This, further, helps in engaging with your local leads a lot easier and attract them conveniently.


LinkedIn may not be the largest social media platform, but it surely is the best social media platform for B2B marketing and lead generation. It is the best place to meet and connect with other businesses.  Here’s how you can generate the best leads from LinkedIn:

1) Ask, and you shall receive:

LinkedIn, as every other platform, loves engagement; especially engagement created via conversations. Starting these conversations can be as easy and simple as asking a question. LinkedIn users love sharing opinions and advice.

The subject of the question can be anything. You can even gun for controversial questions, but you will have to make sure that they are relevant and civil. Remember to stay away from divisive, controversial topics. 

There is a difference between starting a discussion about the effects of automation and job loss and the situation in Syria. Both are controversial in their own right, but the latter isn’t helping anyone or relevant to b2b.

Keep a tab on the conversations and how they are building up. Don’t hesitate to pull the plug and delete the post if things go the wrong direction.

2) Select and target:

One advantage of LinkedIn over others is the option to target your post without paying. You can target your posts based on location, jobs, markets, etc. 

It means you can reach your targets without disturbing others who don’t need to see. You can specify and target whoever and wherever you want, so what’s stopping you from reaching out to your targets. 

3) Helping goes a long way

LinkedIn users love good advice, tips, and suggestions that can help in the work-life. People are actively looking for sound advice and tips that can help their business and corporate life, and they share it if they find anything useful. 

So be active on LinkedIn and offer useful inputs. Share helpful posts and answer questions. Find ways to offer suggestions in a fun way, and this gives you visibility and creates a reputation.

To conclude with what works on all social media platforms: 

Every social media has its advantages and has its way of using it. So it is essential to remember the language of social media and capitalize on it. Some aspects make everyone different, but some things can help you with all of them. For example, having contests on social media – they are an excellent way to obtain leads!

  • Contests with prizes provide significant incentives for the users to sign up using their emails and phone numbers. Such contests make users happy and hence, generate a lot of leads for you, in return.
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