Facebook Introduces Facebook Pay Option: Here’s Everything You Should Know


Mark Zuckerberg’s vision was to unite all social media platforms under one banner so that customers from every walk of life can benefit from it. The goal is to bring a secure and seamless connection to their customers, to provide a platform where personal and professional aspirations can co-exist. As part of such measure, Facebook has released its latest payment app, Facebook Pay, to ensure convenient and secure payments across social media platforms.  


Facebook Pay offers a convenient and efficient payment method where you can pay other people and business alike, across various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messenger.

What does Facebook pay offer?

While other payment platforms like Google Pay, PayPal etc. are already scoring the field through their ingenious services, certain aspects set Facebook pay apart.

What sets Facebook Pay Apart?

  • Facebook pay reduces the friction in Social shopping experience


Social media platforms have become the universal ‘go-to’ place for business people and shoppers alike. While business professionals get to display their products at their own personal and financial convenience, shoppers get to shop to their heart’s content at their own convenience. It’s a win-win for all parties involved, except for a slight friction. Shoppers have to go to a different place just to pay. Facebook pay answers this concern by making it easier for customers to purchase the product directly across their social media handles.

  • Enhancing the concept of Advertising. Facebook has become one of the world’s largest social network. As part of such a global network, Facebook’s advertising platform has ensured to provide better results for their customer’s advertising The latest Facebook Pay update is covering more significant grounds than just being the next payment app. The company gave proper disclosure of collecting shopper’s data like
  • Payment method
  • Transaction date
  • Billing
  • Shopping details
  • Contact details through their payment app.

This information offers valuable insights into the customer’s purchase decision. Collecting and analysing this information gives Facebook a better understanding of what their users are interested in, thereby enabling the marketers to plan their advertisement efforts better.

Facebook easily tracks users’ right from their initial ad impression through News Feed, to customer’s engagement with a business on Messenger, to purchases done through Instagram Checkout and finally payment done across its apps.


By integrating its family of apps, Facebook enhances its measurement capabilities through its unified messaging backend creating a direct connection between ad clicks and sales.

How does it work?

To use Facebook pay on Facebook messenger you need to

  • Go to settings on your Facebook page or app, select Facebook pay
  • Add your preferred payment method.


  • Like other payment services, you need to add your debit or credit card to Facebook Pay to access it. Facebook pay supports most credit or debit cards and third party payment services like PayPal.

You can access Facebook pay services through all its assorted apps. However you can also choose the apps you wish to asses Facebook pay. Using Facebook pay 

Where you can use Facebook Pay

Using Facebook pay app, you can pay another person or businesses across its social media platforms. Presently Facebook has rolled out this feature on its Messenger platform for its US customers. Facebook pay service is yet to be released on Instagram and WhatsApp platforms. Beta version testing for WhatsApp pay have been initiated since early 2018 and is expected to be fully functional soon. 

Conclusion: Future of Facebook pay

Though Facebook has a questionable reputation in regards to data privacy issues, people are excited with this new update. Additional security measures like anti-fraud monitoring, data encryption, etc. are being taken to ensure secure and safe transactions.

Poised to compete against big names like Venmo, Apple pay, Google pay etc, Facebook pay is focusing on its forte- its users for this project to succeed.

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