Google Algorithm Update 2020: January 2020 Core Update


Last Monday, i.e., on Jan 13, 2020 Google announced rolling out the first Google core algorithm update of 2020. Typically, Google rolls out several core updates in a calendar year.

After 3 days, on Jan 16, 2020 morning, Google Search Liaison, official twitter handle of search engine giant, confirmed that core update is completely rolled out and webmasters may start witnessing fluctuations in the coming weeks.

What is Google Core Algorithm Update?

With billions of searches happening each day on Google, they have an onus of producing more user friendly results on the SERPs. Hence, it’s quotidian that Google regularly updates their search engine algorithm to keep a check on irrelevant results from appearing on SERP.

While Google makes hundreds of changes in its algorithm, Google core update is something that has significant impact in the search engine result pages.

Core updates show a little lesser impact than giant updates like RankBrain, Penguin, Panda, etc. Also, Google provides only a little to no information about what section these updates target.

How Often Does It Happen?

Google rolls out many core updates in a year. For example, we had 3 core updates in 2019:

1.March 2019 Core Update

2.June 2019 Core Update

3.September 2019 Core Update

Why Should you Care About January 2020 Core Update?

It’s cardinal to know about updates when Google itself confirms rolling it out. It’s because, knowing this helps you identify the reasons why yours or your client sites are experiencing fluctuations in the search engine rankings. In such cases, you can educate from Google’s advice to recover from core update and recover your website.

Tracking Tools Behavior After January 2020 core Update

The top automatic data checking tools started showing tremendous changes while this core update was announced.





Advanced Web Rankings:





SEO is a strenuous process, and you need a strong team and skills to recover from a Google core update. Without a second thought, you should start analysing your website, auditing your backlinks, checking quality of the content, etc. as per Google quality rater guidelines.

If you think your site is hit by Google January 2020 core update or it’s hidden in the bottom of search engine results from any other update and you have no skilled workforce to bring it on top, then get in touch to avail a free SEO analysis.

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