Google Algorithm Updates Over the Week: Search Liaison Confirm the Updates


It’s been a rumbling month for SEO community with both Google BERT update and local search ranking update, termed as ‘Google Bedlam update’ making a huge noise on Twitter and search forums from the last weeks. As I had already brought about the bedlam update, now I came across a lot of chatter on forums and signals on various Google data trackers showing the signs of continued search algorithm update over the week.

Also Google, through Google Search Liaison, official Twitter handle of Google public search, announced that they are constantly working on search updates in this month like always.

Webmasters started witnessing wild fluctuations from Nov 3, 2019 to Nov 10, 2019, after the unconfirmed bedlam update. However, the discussions continued through the weekend and some of the major SEO tools also depicted fluctuation in the SERP rankings for the Google My Business keywords.

Here are some of the tweets from SEOs who are experiencing the heat or notion of a big local search ranking update.

Twitter Reactions from some SEO Experts

Seems the Update Targets Relevancy

This update is seems to be quite different from the previous update launched with respect to local SEO. Also, we haven’t seen such a rapid changes in the local search since the Possum update released in 2016.

According to a post from Joy Hawkins, owner of Local Search Forum, the update focuses on relevance. To put it simply, Google intends on understanding broader search queries of each individual niche made by the users. It’s known that Google prioritizes Google My Business categories very high. So, enlisting proper GMB listing may make or break a business and likewise, a primary category will increase rankings on SERPs at a better rate than secondary categories.

Here’s an example showing that it targets GMB relevance:



Before Nov 3, 2019, Google favoured the GMB listings didn’t have primary category as ‘Orthodontist’. However, post this update, GMB rankings started changing by pushing the ‘relevant’ Orthodontist pages on top of the SERPs.



This update may not have affected in all parts of the world yet, but you can’t stop caring about the GMB traffic as the update is still on roll. Keep a tab on this page for regular updates.

If you are keen to know more about the chatter or want to participate in the discussion, then visit Webmasterworld Forum.

Here are the fluctuating data shown by Google algorithm update data trackers:

Major Google Data Tracking Tool Response



Advanced Web Rankings:






Cognitive SEO:







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