Google Introduces New Search Console Messages

new search console messages

Google sends out thousands of messages to webmasters through Google search console. They are making constant changes to enhance search console performance report ever since the new versions of the same was made live a year ago.

Search console is the principal way through which Google lets Webmasters know if there are any issues in their website and how can it be fixed to enhance their site presence on Google.

Hence, Google has been ceaselessly working on to make messaging an integral part of the search console that provides in-depth and efficient messages to the users. Regarding this, Google confirmed through their blog post that they have made available a panel with the bell icon, clicking on which will render new search console messages.

new search console messages

What’s the difference between old and new Search Console?

In the new search console version, you can access all the messages without actually leaving the reports while in the old search console version, you’d to leave the report you are viewing to check the newer ones.

new search console messages

It means webmasters can access messages without experiencing disrupt in their workflow. Also, these messages can be categorized as shown in the above GIF, which makes it to easier communicate with the specific issues in the site. The general categories in it include:

  • Performance Report
  • Mobile Usability
  • Datasets
  • Coverage
  • Enhancement Types
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Products
  • Unparsable Structured Data

Access to Older Messages in Search Console

In addition to this new messaging feature, Google allows sites owners to access all past messages sent, including the previous messages sent, notwithstanding the fact of when they were verified or sent.

However, viewing these messages in the message panel is limited only from May 23, 2019, onwards. The messages which date before May can be viewed only in your legacy list or the personal email. For now, you can view them (messages) in the older interface, which can be found in “Legacy tools & reports” section.


Google hopes that this search console messages feature brings all vital information at your fingertips to enhance your workflow and take better decisions immediately. If you have any thoughts or questions on it, please send it across to me.  

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