Google Responds to February 2020 Update – ‘We Do Updates All the Time’

Last week Barry Search Engine Land and Seroundtable blogged about an unconfirmed Google February algorithm update. When several SEOs asked Google on the same, they responded through their official Twitter handle, Google Search Liaison, that ‘they did several updates, as they do in any other week on a regular basis’.

Danny Sullivan adds: Google’s Search engine expert Danny Sullivan also had received the same question from the online community regarding February 2020 update, to which he responded on Twitter, “We do updates all the time”.

Did Google Really Release an Update?

Of course, Google said that ‘We do several updates’ every week, but this is not considered as a ‘Broad Core Update’.  Typically, Google announces before releasing those ‘core updates’. However, it also doesn’t mean that there was no update in the last week which resulted in core ranking fluctuations. We confirm this update based on the fluctuations witnessed by SEO community from February 7 to February 12, 2020 on major SEO tools, whose graphs are below.

Cognitive SEO:


Rank Ranger:

Advanced Web Rankings:




Then, what is this Update?

It’s the big puzzle now. Because the unlike other unconfirmed Google algorithm updates, this one lasted for a very long time (close to a week). Barry says, ‘it looks like Google may have pushed out an update or a few updates Friday night and then maybe reversed it a few days later. Of course, I do not know for sure, it is just a guess. But I’ve seen several charts of specific sites hit that seem to have recovered. Here is one:’

The graph clearly indicates the drop on 7th and spike on 9th.

Looking at it, yes we can say that, there was an update. If you had experienced a serious ranking changes during this period, then don’t worry, you were not alone.

What Can you Do to Fix It?

So, with major ranking changes happening on the Google SERP, Google reiterates that there is nothing you can do to fix or there an actionable advise to improve your rankings. However, there are some important points that I’d suggest you to implement:

  • Remove irrelevant pages or pages with irrelevant content from the website
  • Create user friendly content that is easily readable, understandable, and help make the right decision
  • Try to add trust worthy content like certificates, work samples, case studies, etc.
  • Build backlinks from high DA and traffic generating sites

Some Important Guidelines to Cope with Changing Algorithm

  • Eliminate issues like virus and plugin updates from the sites
  • Ensure that your websites has AMP and responsive content
  • Be active on all social media platforms with your website profile
  • Don’t neglect to build ‘nofollow’ links as Google is showing signs considering it as a ranking signal


With Google not giving an exact response to it, we should see whether webmasters continue to experience this change. If your site is hit by any update, then feel free to contact us for a free website audit.

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