Google Search Console Performance Report Gives Fresher Data Update

We have been witnessing fast and furious developments on Google Search Console for a few weeks. So, to help the SEO professionals, Google itself announced about the same through their blog posts and webmasters Twitter handle.

The first feature that was launched in the beta version of Google Search Console was the performance report. Now that whole search console is officially replaced with a newer version recently; Google announced a tweaked feature that lets you gather new performance report from the search console. It allows you to export the report within a customized date range.

How fresh is this Performance Report and What Does it Comprise?

According to Google, “the new performance report is as recent as a day old”, which is excellent news as compared to the previous report, which used to be updated within 3 days. We also checked a few data and also, the screenshot shared by Google shows that it was updated 6 hours ago. The time of the latest performance report can be seen on the top right corner when you log in to Google search console like it’s shown below.

The updated performance report helps webmaster and site owners to analyse queries like:

  • The stats of the traffic that your site is driving through general search and discover.
  • Top and trending keywords and queries of your site
  • Best performing web content pages of your site
  • Geographical metrics of your site’s traffic, etc.

Why Emphasise this Search Console Performance Report?

Previously, it used to take a few days to notice a bug and fix it. Now that, you can gather fresher data update from Google search console, you can debug issues in the site and fix them within the same day. Additionally, Google also said that fresher data update helps you eloquently audit your site performance and grapple with the concerns like:
  • Seeing your weekend performance on Monday morning – no need to wait until Wednesday.
  • Checking on your site’s stats first thing in the morning after, or even during essential days such as holidays, global events, and shopping days.
  • Checking if your site’s traffic rebounds soon after fixing a critical technical issue.

Pacific Time Zone:

The updated report matches with Pacific Time Zone (UTC -8:00) to provide clear communication about the data when you wish to see and compare it with your time zone or like to integrate with Google Analytics.

Search Console API and Discover Reports

For now, the search console API and discover reports still doesn’t support the fresher data update. Thus, the properties having Discover performance reports eligibility cannot see the fresh date in their overview report. However, it is believed that Google is working on it update it sooner.

Export Data Performance Based On Time:

I guess Google overheard talks of SEO professionals to explore the performance data through various timeframes. Hence, Google gave it a green signal from today. You can now pick the ‘dates’ in the table and explore the data in search console or export it on to your system.

Final Insights

It’s cardinal to monitor your site’s performance meticulously and find the trends and changes happening in its vicinity. I guess the new fresh data update, including assistance of data table dimension, would help you explore new performance trends, patterns, and changes much closely. Have you checked your fresh search console performance report? Do drop in your queries in the comments or contact us for any help.
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