Healthcare Business: Online Reputation and Challenges to Overcome


The healthcare industry, like any other industry faces unique challenges today. It is also true that the healthcare industry struggles to adapt to the changing needs of patients to some extent.

Challenges in the healthcare industry today are drastically different from what it used to be a few years ago. It is not just finding a cure to some unknown deadly disease. It is no more discovering the best healthcare services. It has now been accompanied by other responsibility. The responsibility to maintain a reputation in the industry.

An excellent location and few ads here and there in the yellow pages are not good enough. The competitive landscape for running a healthcare business is aggressive and hyped. Does not matter if you are a well-trained physician. You have to market yourself to prove that you are better than your colleagues.

Yes, you got it right, your practice and training are not all unless people know about it. Word of mouth doesn’t play the game anymore. People don’t believe it unless they know about it. Today patients are smart. They want to know what they are getting into before they visit the hospital or clinic.

Let us end the loop here. Let’s talk about the solution – ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is the card to play with. Yes this is the weapon to aid the healthcare industry in the ever updating society.

What is Online Reputation Management?Online-Reputation

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) is deploying strategies to cultivate a digital image. It is in the simplest term painting a positive image of your brand online. It is all about creating a perspective, a good standing for your brand name in the market and maintain it.

ORM is making sure that the customers find the best about you. It is about gaining an affirmative decision of the customer whether to reach out to you or not. The focus here is to generate, improve and respond to the online reviews by customers.

Yes, responding to the reviews, both positive and negative, falls under ORM. In fact, responding to the negative reviews is way more important. Because even a single review you can cause you a loss of a good deal. Hence it is of paramount importance that the reviews are scanned and responded well.

What are the benefits of ORM?

It is said that almost half the world is on social media, which means half the global population is active online. And by statistics, it is only exceeding in number daily. About 90% of social media users have used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business.

And here are a few key reasons out of many how online reputation management is beneficial in general:

  • More positive the reputation, higher the trust:

We are pretty sure you know the concept behind carving a positive reputation for your brand. It merely is garnering the trust of the consumers. It is the natural instinct of human beings to trust an individual or a brand with a higher reputation. It is well established that good online reviews amplify business growth.

As statistics reveal, 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars. Based on this trust, many users recommend the brands to others. And as per studies, 83% trust brand recommendation from their friends.

  • Attracts better employees and associations:

As Richard Branson, the founder of The Virgin Group, has acclaimed, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

A brand is not just about its products and services. Nor is it only about the sales and marketing strategies. It would be best if you had an excellent team to conquer the market. You must know how social media and the online channels work? Job seekers take note of the online reviews about the employers.


  • Reputation directly affects the revenue



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It does not matter if you do it the traditional way or the contemporary style. Maintaining the brand reputation is primarily focused towards a profitable ROI. Every sales and marketing tactics revolve around the reputation for a successful consequence. Today’s cutting edge business environment needs more than plans and goals. And it needs smartness.

Every business aims to climb to the top score in their ROI. Any company which is actively engaged with its customers directly reflects the impact on its sales and revenue. Considering the present times a comprehensive online reputation management attracts hefty business

Challenges of online reputation management in healthcare

Your reputation is what you’re perceived to be.” John Wooden.

Maintaining a positive reputation is difficult. And creating a brand perception is becoming tough day by day. Any lousy review can lead them to a dark whole.

People entrust their lives to health care providers. Hence even a single negative review can alter the image altogether.


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Online reviews

Every individual has developed the instinct of reviewing and rating the services and products they are using. This instinct works more predominantly when the customers are not satisfied. One major challenge is to get back to the grievances and find a way to be proactive in the online platforms.

Assess your online identity. Remember to respond politely to the concerns posed by the customers. Make sure your image is not tainted further.

Social networks

Social channels don’t serve as a medium of socialization alone. They are an extensive channel of business outreach. They serve primarily consumer networks. All the mainstream social media sites have a business feature to get a better hold of it.

These social media channels serve as a business tool. And hence the networking can be really dense. Any negativity about a brand can spread like wildfire. Thus posing a more significant threat to its future deliberations.

Industry reputation

Industry reputations matter a lot when it comes to healthcare, a sector where referrals are more important than any other. Healthcare in the present scenario doesn’t work on word of mouth alone.

Finding a reputation which is industry supportive via social media is not an easy game. You have to be cautious about any wrong move or while dealing with sensitive elements. The healthcare service is prone to controversies and often gets under the unfavourable.


How to repair a damaged reputation? And how can you protect your reputation online?



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Are you dealing with the issue of compliance? Are you finding it challenging to maintain or recover your reputation? Here are a few tips you might apply:

  • Employ a dedicated team to control the brand image. Select a team with adequate knowledge. The team should be aware of all the matrix which works in favour of a positive online reputation.
  • Use the correct online tools to make sure your strategies are on the right path.
  • Make sure to scrutinize well the content you are posting online. Omit any sensational content for the good of the brand.
  • Research well about the trends and make sure your demographics are on the right track.
  • Apologies if needed, and make sure to be polite while answering. Avoid getting into arguments.
  • Try to take control of the contents which are posted. If these are not reasonable enough remove the negative content.

Companies with effective reputation management reap benefits. In the end, your online reputation is how others see you online. Remember, it is more than social media monitoring. It is creating a two-way communication and creating a perception for the brand.

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