How to Create an SEO and Google friendly Site?

How to Create an SEO and Google friendly Site?

People often come across websites that tend to pull a lot of audience towards them even before the user sees their webpage. However, novel site owners or businesses think it’s achieved by putting great content on the pages. But it’s false. Search engines consider many other technical factors along with relevancy of topic to rank a website in SERPs.

So, Google has given out a set of quality, technical and design guidelines in their Webmaster Guide that help you develop a Google friendly website.

In this post, I am gonna bring you the most vital guidelines that highlight some Black hat techniques leading to removal of an entire site from Google index, or get hit hard by an algorithmic update or spam action. Remember, if a site is manually penalized by Google spam action, it will never show up in Google SERPs or any other Google partner sites or apps.

Matt Cutts, the former head of Web Spam at Google, mentions a few fundamental principles to maintain a Google friendly site:

  • Create web pages for the users but not for ranking on search engines
  • Make your website stand atop of your contemporaries by creating engaging, valuable, and unique web pages.
  • Do not try to deceive the users with false information
  • Do not use unintended techniques to rank the website on SERPs

Follow Content Specific Guidelines

When you create the website, content on the website also plays a significant role in forming a Google friendly website. In order to comply with that, webmasters should ensure to follow:

  • AMP on Google search guidelines
  • Insert images and videos
  • Add podcasts
  • Develop mobile friendly site
  • Make it AJAX-enhanced site

Here are some specific guidelines that a webmaster should avoid:

  • Do not create web pages with little to no original content
  • Publishing scraped content
  • Cloaking
  • Misusing structured datamarkup
  • Keeping doorway pages
  • Using auto generated content
  • Engaging in link exchanges
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Pushing automated queries to Google
  • Hidden links or texts in the web page
  • Creating pages that contain malwares

Furthermore, there are a few techniques that webmasters should employ to make it easier for search engines to index your site and rank them on top of SERPs.

Make the Website Easily Accessible

One of the prime ways of indicating search engines and attracting potential audience is to make your site easily accessible. You can do it by putting well structured information and a minimum number of internal links to offer more value to the users. This allows Google algorithms to identify your site as user worthy and rank it on top of SERPs.

Optimize for Better Page Speed

People don’t rely on pages that take more time to load as it not only wastes their time but also patience, concentration, etc. Hence, they tend to hop onto the pages that are easier to load. Google also picks up quickly loading web pages to provide great user experience to their users. Thus, I recommend conducting regular page speed performance to fix errors and warnings along with optimizing images and videos to ensure that your website loads faster.

Create Search Engine friendly URL Structure

Search engines prioritize easy to understand and user friendly URL structured websites while ranking for search queries. The optimized URLs enable search engines to easily locate your content and help the users know the content they would be seeing and let them revisit with minimum difficulty. This way, your website is crawled several times by search engines to rank in the SERPs and helps users get valuable information.

Final Insights

On the whole,put on a reader’s titfer to know what kind of website you would prefer while browsing the internet. It helps you analyze the type of content you should put, the user experience it should provide, and technical factors that influence ranking of a website. There are more than 1000 search engine ranking factors which Google considers to place URLs in SERPs. If you are stressed out for not finding a position on the first page of search results, shoot us your concern and let us help you resolve it. Comment your thoughts or additional points that can be added to in making a Google friendly website.