Importance of Print Advertising in the Healthcare Market


For the past decade, the ways of advertising have evolved. With new technologies and different digital platforms growing in the market every year, brands are investing significant time in the marketing and advertising campaigns. In this race, the healthcare industry is not behind trying new ideas when it comes to marketing and advertising.


Healthcare advertising trends have changed over the years. With the growth of new digital platforms, healthcare organizations are also expanding their reach. Healthcare advertising is a little different from the rest of the industry as it involves a great deal of emotional appeal. 

The most interesting observation is that the healthcare industry uses traditional advertising methods. Print ads are one of the most prominent forms of advertising that have always helped the businesses to reach their target audience. It is a proven method of promoting a service or a brand from ages.

Print advertising advantages have always been higher than other mediums. It is an integral part of healthcare marketing campaigns. Let us read about the importance of print advertising in the healthcare industry. 

Reliability Factor

Though the world has gone digital, the amount of people reading newspapers is still on the higher side. The publication is still the most significant medium of reaching the audience besides television. According to research, print advertisements have factors of trust and reliability. Thus, healthcare companies invest in print ads. Moreover, ads given in tabloids help to build the image of the brand as specific audiences read it. 

Magazines, though costly, serve as one of the most notable mediums of reaching a specific readership. An advertisement in a magazine provides email addresses so that the doctors can voice their opinion, give feedback, or sign up for a program. 

Healthcare companies are spending their money on print advertising in airline magazines too. Passengers travelling in business class has more chances of going to a healthcare destination. For instance, you can find advertisements for individual cancer cure centres in airline magazines. These ads are targeted to specific customers only. 

But, pharma companies cannot use mass media for advertising their products, as most of them sell prescribed drugs. Their marketing remains confined between doctors, hospitals, and vendors. 

Larger Audience

Newspapers help to reach a large number of readers at one go. Print ads in the newspapers help healthcare organizations to target a massive amount of local readers. It has a mass appeal. Print advertising caters to young as well as the older age groups. Flyers, direct mail marketing, brochures are other forms of print ads that target a vast number of audience. 

In India, regional newspapers are very popular and have a wide-reaching audience in comparison to English dailies. Papers are published in more than 20 local languages every day. Hence, healthcare advertising in regional newspapers is growing day by day. Especially, healthcare marketers are targeting metro city newspapers, as the readership in metros is high. Though digital publications are on the rise, printed ads are not going anywhere. 

Stronger Impact

Print media has a powerful impact on readers. Reading newspapers and magazines need more concentration, as people cannot multitask while reading. Thus, healthcare advertisements given in such mediums draw more attention of the readers in comparison to other mediums. 

The most significant advantage of print ads is that the advertisers can select in which section they want to print it to target a specific audience. For example, the health sections of newspapers and magazines. The ads given in these sections create a powerful impact on the readers. Advertisements about health organizations, hospitals, health campaigns, etc. are conventional ads in the newspapers. Medical tourism, for example, is frequently given in magazines.

Hospitals through print ads, promote free health camps on special days such as World Heart Day, World Aids Day, or World No Tobacco Day. These ads send the right message to people and increase the visibility of the hospitals as well. 

Drives Call to Action 

The print advertisement also includes direct promotions such as coupons, discounts, and other offers. Discount schemes attract consumers, and they tend to go ahead with the cuts. Phone number, website, and additional contact information given on the ad helps to connect with the customer. Health marketers provide flyers, along with newspapers. These flyers promote offers, workshops, health campaigns, and other promotional activities. Marketers try new strategies and come up with new hospital ad ideas to increase audience engagement. 

Print ads have more information than online ads. In the case of online ads, we need to click on the ads to get more information. On the other hand, print ads give a lot of information at once. 

Educating the Audiences

Healthcare organizations have started focusing on educating their customers now. Marketers and advertisers run educational campaigns on print media to inform the readers about a disease. These campaigns aim to educate and not spread fear. Hence, people can take precaution. They can also go for health check-ups. It is a perfect healthcare advertising example that increases audience engagement. It provides them with some meaningful content. As print media is a trustworthy source, such educational campaigns done by hospitals make a remarkable impact.


Healthcare marketers and many pharma companies follow multi-channel marketing. However, newspapers remain one of the foremost choices of print advertising. Advertisers choose print media as it is a trusted media platform. When launching a new hospital, traditional advertising methods are more preferred. For hospitals, it is not just about getting more patients. It is also about building trust in the brand name. Print advertising helps to gain customer faith.

The print ad stays there for a longer time, unlike the ads on the internet. The recall rate of a print ad is higher. The print media is an essential means of healthcare advertising. It is cost-effective and result-driven. 

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