Moz Launches a New Free Domain Analysis Tool for SEO Metrics

Moz Launches a New Free Domain Analysis Tool.
If you are an SEO specialist who constantly keeps a tab on various websites and their metrics, then Moz has brought a surprise tool called Moz Free Domain Analysis Tool for you. It was officially announced on 9th October after the success of beta version that was released a while ago.

One thing I like the most about Moz is the way they handle SEO data and represent it to the SEO community in a standard way. The way the Moz bar extension accurately and consistently shows the key metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score, etc is something that seconds my statement. Though this data seems minimal, it has a lot of impact among the SEOs. Much why millions of people in the world use Moz’s premium tools like Link Explorer and Keyword Planner. With Domain Analysis Tool, people can now access Moz’s huge database without the need of sign ups or logins. Although it doesn’t show in-depth details as a premium account, but it’s always great to see the combined data at one place for free of cost. Isn’t it? This new tool is entirely free and displays the preview of several important SEO metrics like:

  •  Domain Authority
  • # of Ranking Keywords
  • Top Linking Domains
  • Top Ranking Keywords
  • Top Featured Snippets (New)
  • Spam Score
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Lost and Discovered Links
  • Top Branded Keywords (New)
  • Top Search Competitors (New)
  • Keyword Ranking Distribution
  • Keywords by Estimated Clicks ( New)
  • Top pages
  • Top Search Questions (New)

Branded Keywords

Branded keywords are direct navigational queries that are intended to find the particular sites. These keywords are in high favourability of a site in the Google search results. Although it’s unlikely to find the accurate branded keywords for your site, Domain Analysis Tool, with some effective computations allows you to know the high volume keywords that are favouring your brand.

Top Questions

Since a few months, ‘People Also Ask’ feature has become ubiquitous in the Google search results. It has also given a point for Search Engine Optimization to kick-start their keyword research and topic optimization tasks. This feature provides Top Questions extracted from the ‘People Also Ask’ boxes for relevant search queries.

Some of these metrics will give you the previews while you can explore much in detail with Keyword Explorer or Link Explorer.

Newly Introduced Metrics (Experimental)

Domain Analysis Tool has deployed some new experimental metrics that are not found anywhere else but in Moz. These metrics are developed exclusively by Moz’s SEO scientist Dr. Pete Meyers who believes that this data will benefit a lot to the SEOs.
Top Search Competitors
It is imperative to study your competitors meticulously, hence, it’s vital for any business to perform competitor analysis to find the top search competitors. In my experience, I see that most people simply guess who their competitor is, just by comparing their products or services. But the best way, however, is to find the competitors by knowing the top ranking sites for your focused keywords. So, Domain Analysis Tool uses their huge data base with some nifty calculations to render your top search competitors.

Keywords by Estimated Clicks

Have you ever tried to find out the click troughs that your competitor is getting by ranking a keyword on number one position of SERPs? Well, Keywords by Estimated Clicks deploys search volume, ranking position, and estimated CTRs to give you the estimated clicks they are generating for particular keywords.

Top Featured Snippets

The results shown in featured snippets will have more positive impact than those which doesn’t, as the amount of click troughs it generate is humongous. The keywords featuring in this snippet are really valuable. So, the Top Featured Snippets section shows you the keywords that are triggering a site to the featured snippets. You can leverage this to modify your content and try to outbeat them. Invigorating, right?.


Final Insights on New Domain Analysis Tool

  • Domain Analysis tool is totally free to use
  • A user can extract 3 reports per day.
  • Moz Pro which is a premium account provides unlimited reports
  • Experimental metrics are not yet made 100% available on the Moz Pro
The new Domain Analysis Tool seems to be an exciting addition to the existing SEO tools that we have been using so far. Let us know your thoughts about this tool in the comments.
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