Physician Marketing Strategies in the Healthcare Market


Whenever you need to visit a doctor, the first step you take is; you search the name of the doctor on Google; read the information provided and make your decision. Most of the times, the name of the doctor is present on the search engine. But, if not so, then you might start thinking about the doctor’s credibility or authenticity. Thus, physician marketing, especially online marketing, has become very big today.

Earlier, the physician-patient relationship was dependent on face to face communication. But, now with the age of digitalisation, physician-patient interaction has increased on digital platforms too. With India moving towards a cashless economy, the healthcare sector has the most significant opportunity for growth. Patients are connecting to physicians and doctors online as it is time-saving and cost-effective.

Gaining patient loyalty and retaining them is the sole aim of healthcare marketers today. The doctors need to maintain a good line of communication to retain patient loyalty.

Today, one can find different physician marketing ideas in the market. Let us look at some of the physician marketing strategies that work the best in increasing patient loyalty and also getting new customers.

Personal Branding of Doctors

Doctors are now focussing on building their brand identity. If one wants to stand out in the crowded healthcare market, one has to do personal branding. Identifying the USP and then correctly marketing it is necessary. Every doctor has its speciality and way of dealing with patients. It takes time and efforts to build the brand identity of a physician. Thus, you must seek the help of experts.

Customised Services 

Providing excellent patient care is the primary motive of doctor marketing. One can offer personalised services on web and mobile by giving personalised content based on the patient’s problems and medication. Personalisation helps the doctors to get new patients as well as retain patients. Healthcare is a service that requires a personal touch and care. Hence, for healthcare marketing too, one needs to add that care element while providing such services. Each patient has a specific health issue, or some might be facing multiple problems. Thus, customisation becomes necessary when approaching such patients.


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Online Availability and Reach 

The doctor-patient relationship is the key to physician marketing. Patient care is the utmost priority of doctors. Hence, online availability and easy accessibility of the doctors is vital for building the relationship. Making the patient feel that the doctor is available for his or her care is one of the most significant factors.

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Presence on Local Search 

The most searched query on the internet in the healthcare domain is a ‘doctor near me’ or ‘physician near me’. For instance, in case of fever or flu, people generally search for a general physician nearby. If the name of the searched doctor is not available online, most people opt for other doctors that show results on the search engine. A website must be available with all the necessary information provided to connect with the doctor.

Patient Reviews

When physician marketing was not popular, word of mouth was the only source of getting reviews about the doctor. Today, there are hundreds of websites, forums and portals that provide patient reviews, their experiences with the doctor. A patient might share a story on any online forum or a health portal, and a consumer’s decision might get influenced by reading it. Hence, personal experiences and reviews play a crucial role.

Social Media Presence

In today’s age, when everyone is glued to their smartphones and indulge in social media activities. It is essential to manage the online reputation of the physicians and doctors, but one must be cautious while doing so. A doctor’s profession is ethic-based, and must not harm the image. Moreover, regular updates on social media will increase the visibility of the doctor. Thus, it is vital to keep the personal and professional identity of the doctors separate on social media.

You can share your content on LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and so on. There are health platforms such as Practo also available.

Mobile-Friendly Content 

The content created for physician marketing has to be both web and mobile-friendly. The patient must be able to browse through the portal, access medical data quickly, and connect with the doctor at the same time. The language of the content must be so natural to read that a layperson can also understand. One must keep in mind that patients and not physicians will read the content.

Use of Traditional Mediums

Newspaper ads, press releases, expert columns in magazines and papers, outdoor hoardings are few of the proven methods of physician marketing. These channels cater to the most significant number of audience and appeal to every section of society. From years doctors and medical experts are giving suggestions and interviews for feature articles in various publications. Some doctors have fixed columns in newspapers.

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Though digital media has grown, offline marketing still is a reliable medium used for medical marketing. Moreover, target advertising is useful for patient acquisition.

In today’s competitive scenario, healthcare professionals require professional help and expertise for building a successful physician marketing strategy and execute it well. Customised marketing is necessary for patient acquisition and retention. You must understand what will attract a patient to your practice.

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