Programmatic Advertising: a Boon for Healthcare Industry


Automation has taken up the digital transformation on a large scale. Are you sure you have upgraded your approach as well? Do you belong to the giant industry of healthcare? In that case, automation of your advertising campaigns is the right horse to bid on. Yes, programmatic advertising is what we are going to talk about in this blog. But let’s first start with why should programmatic advertising of healthcare should be in your marketing strategy checklist?

What is programmatic advertising?

Does programmatic advertising sound Greek to you? Well, the answer would have been a yes if asked before. But today the reality has changed. More because, programmatic advertising is no new concept anymore. It has made its presence everywhere and the marketers are in need of it. Marketing has reached a generation where digital marketing dominates. And programmatic advertising is becoming omnipresent day by day. As per research, programmatic advertisement is the fastest-growing segment of digital marketing.

Let us ease it up a bit, what exactly is this super-weapon we are talking about!

Programmatic advertising as per “is a system that automates the processes and transactions involved with purchasing and dynamically placing ads on websites or apps.”

It assists in the decision-making process. And then helps in purchasing and placing ads by targeting specific audiences. Put into simple words, it is the buying of online ad space. And then presenting the ads to the most appropriate audience.

How does it work?

Programmatic advertising is an outstanding digital advancement. Before we understand how this can benefit you in promoting healthcare business. Let’s go a little deeper, how it works:

  1. The process begins when a user visits any webpage, which has an advertising space. This space is configured for programmatic advertising.
  2. The publisher puts up an ad for auction in an ad market place.
  3. The market place holds an auction among the advertisers to win the right to display the ad.
  4. The advertiser willing to bid the most gets the right to display the ad.
  5. The ad is then delivered and displayed to the target customer/audience.

Once you buy the ad, it goes for analysis. The analysis done, keeping in mind a few algorithms. These are behaviour, engagement level, social engagement, location and time per visit. Based on these data, you can determine whether the ad content is posing relevant for the user. The ultimate aim is to attract the user to click on the ad.

Programmatic advertising in healthcare industry

Finding the right group of the digital audience seems to be a Herculean task. Doesn’t it? Also reaching them and getting them interest in your product or services is no easy job either. Healthcare is a gigantic industry. A plethora of information is available online to look into. In fact, misinformation related to the industry is also no less.

Programmatic advertising in healthcare can solve such issues. Are you are into healthcare marketing? And are you considering programmatic advertising campaigns?

We have a couple of reasons why you should definitely go for it.

Maximize audience outreach

The digital audience is getting fragmented every passing minute. Healthcare marketers are trying to spot audience with discretion towards the healthcare industry. Programmatic advertising in healthcare can reinvent the modes audience reach out.

Programmatic advertising helps in harnessing the available data and systematizing it. This, in turn, creates a transparency in the health care demand and supply chains.

Beneficial for the pharma companies to target right

‘Target ting the right audience’ what is so new about it? Doesn’t that sound like a question from elementary school for marketers? If you are into marketing we are sure about one thing. Which is you would not deny that targeting the right audience is essential and tricky at the same time.

How it helps pharma companies, in any case? Taking into account that the healthcare industry is a regulated industry. Where exactly the opportunity lies in? Programmatic advertising in health tech allows delivering relevant information to the consumers.


Develop new industry standards

Healthcare industry has by far stayed out of the game of programmatic advertising. It can set new standards in the healthcare industry. As it can be of potential benefits for greater efficiency.

If you are opting for a programmatic ad campaign, it helps the ad-tech vendors to find an untapped market. Hence targeting becomes clearer and darts are not missed from the goal.

Efficient and effective ways to connect

The primary privilege of programmatic advertising is connecting well. For example, if you are a pharma industry, you can use programmatic ad to reach out to clinics, doctors, hospitals and dealers all at once. Instead of approaching them one by one.

Human civilization has already traversed beyond space when it comes to communication. But, are you utilizing it to the best? Programmatic advertising helps you in cross-device targeting. The ads are available in all the digital devices.

Optimizes data analysis

Data rules the current business world. Data is the resource of your concern. But, it would only help if you are gathering the right insights. Also, the insights optimized in a proper way. In accordance to the automation, you can also take the insights to decide your budget.

Healthcare as an industry can use it well, how? There are seasonal campaigns related to diseases and health issues. You can decide and modify the campaigns based on the available data from the years ahead. Also, the post-campaign data analysis can be helpful to act further.

Why should you care about it?

Are you still stuck with this puzzle? Are you still thinking why you should be using programmatic advertising? Here we have a few interesting statistics you can consider:

  • As per a report by eMarketer, the total programmatic ad spending will escalate to $69 billion by 2020.
  • Another report by eMarketer revealed that by 2019, 6% of US digital display ad dollars would transact programmatically.


The advertising industry has seen a great success with the programmatic ad campaigns becoming popular in every sector. Programmatic advertising for the healthcare industry can prove to be a helpful remedy. It can heal the problems of promotions and audience reach out with ease.

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