How to Use the Power of Advertising to Promote Health

How to use the power of advertising to promote health
Take care of your patients, and everything else will follow:Thomas First. M.D
In the health care industry, advertisement is all about meeting your patient’s needs. And what can a patient need more than their well-being? There is hardly a patient who’d hate a tip or two about their health. In fact, every patient craves for a little moreattention than the general. Hence, informative ad content on the same can become your golden ticket to success.
The healthcare industry used to be a service-centric one. But, the last decade has seen it evolve into a customer-centric enterprise. Traditional efforts of healthcare marketing do not hold the fort anymore. With patients becoming more tech-friendly, they expect the same from health-providers too. These days, patients first explore your practice before making their visit. After all, nothing can come close to good health, can it?
Due to this, advertising and marketing efforts are getting more prominence these days. To get it right, it’s critical to position your advertising efforts in the right way. Andthe right way will always be such that it enhances your practice’s visibility (offline and online). At such a juncture, the benefits of health promotion ad campaigns are many.To point out a few
  • Enhance your brand identity.
  • Create a positive impression.
  • Enhance your brand awareness.
  • Create an emotional connection with your audience.
These benefits only scratch the surface of how great a healthy ad could be. Yet there’s a lot that you can learn further.

The power of advertisements in healthcare

Consider yourself a health enthusiast. Imagine developing some cramps due to your health regime. You search for home remedies for the same. You come upon a particular social media page that offers you a solution.
While browsing the page, you happen to come upon other pro-health tips. These tips help motivate a person towards a healthy future. Now, this social media page has made an impact on you- its audience. Thanks to the informative digital ads that the page has shared, the healthcare’s name sticks with you. You’re going to remember its name whenever you develop any health ailments in the future. In fact, the first name that would pop-up in your mind would be the said healthcare’s name.
Imagine having the same effect in a broader spectrum. The end result is an enhanced brand image. But is that the only effect of a health-conscious ad campaign? Certainly not! Here are a few benefits of health promotion campaigns that you must also know:
  • If you post informative content in your ads, Google will rank you better. These ads will also help enhance both your online and offline presence.
  • Proactive solutions in the ads help you connect to your target audience for the longer run.
  • Providing informative and healthy content positions you as a thought leader. In the healthcare industry, people trust a thought leader than some brand with some name.
  • Social conscious ads help you establish meaningful connections. Such connections further your reach in the market.
  • Promoting health through conscious social advertisements can enhance your stand in your community.
The benefits of a health promotion campaign can be tempting. However, approaching it merely will not garner any results. Proper planning and implementation are key ingredients for a successful health promotional campaign.

Tips for creating health promotion campaigns

The right content at the right moment matters in every health promotion campaign. Here are some useful tips that could come in handy for planning a health promotion campaign:
  • Looking for the ongoing trends can come in handy. While planning your health promotion campaign keep in mind that
    • the season you are in
    • the climatic condition
    • any ongoing epidemics
    • and other health related factors
  • Create a health promotion campaign that meets one/all the following requirements
    • Creates a motivation to change
    • Enables one towards change
    • Triggers the necessary change
  • Create content that is easy and actionable. Such content incites a shift towards a positive and healthy future.
  • While creating digital ads, keep in mind the trending searches and corresponding keywords.
  • Common areas that you could concentrate while creating a campaign are:
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition tips
    • Hygiene
    • Psychological topics
    • Popular disease and its awareness
    • Do-it-yourself home remedies for common ailments.
  • Only provide those tips that work. Ensure that the informative content you provide through your campaign is authentic.
  • Understand the pulse of your audience by analyzing which ailments are more common. Offer solutions for the same.
  • General health tips always come in handy.
  • Sometimes, you could also suggest some social conscious campaigns.
  • Create campaign around health causes that needs awareness.
  • Create awareness on anything and everything that affects a person’s health.
  • Use offline tactics like brochures and pamphlets. Reach out to patients who visit your practice with the same.
  • Conduct regular seminars on health issues and upcoming trends in healthcare.
   In the health industry, everything boils down to one simple fact,

“Without patients, your healthcare would not exist.”

To increase your practice’s footfall, first, they need to know that your practice exists. Focus on your practice’s marketing efforts to help yourself achieve the same. Also, invest in social conscious initiatives that set the right message on health. Use creative advertisement tactics to influence the general populace on health-related topics. Be proactive in your approach. All these combined helps create a brand impression that is user-friendly and approachable.
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