Marketing Trends Transforming Healthcare in 2020

Transformative marketing trends in Healthcare for 2020

Do you remember visiting the same doctor for all your ailments, as a child? We do too! After all, healthcare was purely based on word-of-mouth a few years ago, wasn’t it? Back then, our only solution was to seek the advice of the family physician (and expect him to heal whatever it is). Whatever be the situation, whether a fever or a fracture, we only visited doctors that we knew of. And only if and when the doctor suggested us to approach a specialist, we would consider getting an appointment done.

And all of this, only if we were lucky enough, would take at least two more days to get executed. By the time we actually saw the doctor, we would either be suffering due to delay in treatment or might have already started recovering. A lot of time practically got wasted in only reaching the right doctor for our illness.

Not just that, the day of appointment was also a struggle of its own. More because, we would need immense patience to sit outside the doctor’s chamber and wait for our turn for consultation. There was never any certainty and the waiting process would take a toll on our already ill self. And medical examinations, report diagnosis and doctor revisits were again a time-consuming deal.

Current Scenario

Thankfully enough, the scene in medical care is a lot brighter today. The reckless and sluggish processes have vanished. Now we don’t have to rely on our family doctors and word of mouth to find a specialist to receive the best treatment. Healthcare industry is a booming industry all over the world and commercialization of healthcare services is an existing phenomenon.

However, healthcare industry is witnessing an ongoing transformation with healthcare marketing being the buzz word. As we mentioned in the blog earlier, we no more rely upon word of mouth and references. And yet today, we know which hospital has the best facilities. Ask anybody about any specialist and they can guide you through! .

Everything has come to life due to the concept of healthcare marketing. And not just marketing but it is all because of the transformative trends in the healthcare industry. But what is not good, and is yet the hard-hit reality is that human health is even tradable today.

What could be the future healthcare trends?

We all must have come across the phrase ‘everything is transforming’. But do our ritualistic life process help us reflect on the transformations yet? Hence, in this blog, we have tried to accumulate together a few of the essential future healthcare trends. In order to talk about what is transforming and how is it transforming for better understanding.

Focus on the millennials

Millennials are the tech-savvy smart generation of the human species. Hence it is not easy to convince them. The purchasing power of this generation is expanding and has an impact on every industry. Health care is no exception. Millennials have the ability to push forward the digital transformation and trends.

They do their homework well before approaching any expert. As per research, 23% of millennials say they’ve looked at online reviews as compared to 15% of non-millennials.They are upfront about the cost involved in the treatment. As per the report, 41% of millennials say they request and receive estimates before undergoing medical treatment.

If you are a healthcare brand dealing with marketing, this is where you need to hit upon. Convincing them is the task.

Patient experience

Consumer experience is the foundation of every industry. Patient experience is of utmost value as they are the source of reviews and ratings. Patient experience is of importance because it affect the healthcare marketing scene. Every patient today scrutinizes every aspect and is very much empowered to take their decision. But how do you enhance their experience? The two things which add up to patient experience is quality and cost.

Are you into healthcare marketing? If yes, your prime focus should be on positive patient experiences. This would need touch-ups and clean-ups from time to time within the organisation. A big mouth that boasts about the services you are providing on your website is not going to help. Even a single negative review can repel away patients.

Remember, they skim and scan everything before they approach you. One negative review can create ripples.


Though the adoption of telemedicine is gradual and slow, we know it is going to work like wonders. It is not wrong to say that telemedicine is the first in the list of trends that are taking over. But how is telemedicine beneficial for its providers? Well, believe it or not, telemedicine can increase the efficiency of the care model of the providers.

Telemedicine means “remote delivery of healthcare services”. It includes interactive medicine; storing and forwarding information and remote patient monitoring. From just 1.16 million in 2015 to 7 million in 2018 the number of telehealth users is on a hike.

The patient turning out to providers can increase. How? If the providers can convince that they are receiving the best, telemedicine is a win-win option for both the sides.

Value-based care model

What is the priority of a value-based care model? Is it that important? Well yes it is, if you’re looking for the right provider providing patients proper care at the right time. It is a payment model where the providers receive rewards for their quality service. The primary concern of a Value-based healthcare model is patient experience.

The introduction of value-based Healthcare is changing the scenario. The change is visible as how the provider assists patients in undergoing treatments. The model stresses on a team-oriented approach while taking care of the patients. It also takes into consideration patients’ data to create a coordinated outcome.

Hence rhyme and reason suggest that the value-based model is going to be one popular digital healthcare trends to keep an eye on.

What are the benefits of digital transformation in Healthcare?

Technology has, under its grip, every aspect of human life. What does digital transformation of healthcare means? It is a shift from the volume to value of the healthcare services. While trying to understand where and how it benefits society and the providers? We can sum up the following.

We know patients nowadays are smart and enabled in taking up their decisions. Hence the one primary benefit is finding the right provider. The healthcare providers need to provide more information about their services. Not just that, they should also introduce information related to health care industry in general.

Accessibility and reachability are two points which needs enhancement and innovation. Everything under consumerism is under the click of the thumb of the consumers. Healthcare services are yet to make it more accessible and reachable. It should be as seamless as ordering food and shopping through digital technologies.

Financial transparency is what every consumer seeks for a while undergoing any treatment. As it has been on the go for a reasonable period, patients are often unclear about the procedures which the providers recommends them. Also, the medical expenses for the same procedure can vary from one provider to the other. The cost can even vary geographically. Integration of information, data and technology is the solution to this. It can also, in turn, help the patients to get hold of some amount of financial transparency.

Let’s remember that digital transformation is an ongoing process. It will demand the integration of technology and information. But what can make the providers a firm stand in the digital transformation? Mere investment in technology is not enough in this matter. It is, in fact, the engagement of the consumers and the value the providers are adding up that matters.




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