Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Create Engaging Content


Content marketing is an essential aspect of digital marketing. And it will only grow important as time proceeds. Correspondingly, content creation and distribution is going to reform radically!

Content marketing – What is it?

Content marketing is no more a veiled truth. It is the weapon all own in their arsenal and a struggle all concern to forfeit. A concept which is deceptively simple and cunningly challenging.

Coming out of the poetic description, ‘content marketing is marketing your brand or product or service by content.’ Sounds easy and simple, doesn’t work that way though! It does not let you be content (pun intended).

Basically, it is the information written, audible or visual, employed to create the best image for your business. It bridges the gap between your business and your customers, both potential and existing.

What is an engaging content? How does it make your marketing strategies any better?

Content marketing is an effective way to reach customers. It is a brilliant fuel to grow your roots stronger in business. All you have to do is create engaging content.


To begin with, what is an engaging content? Simply said, any content that your audience or readers find interesting is an engaging content. It is also the content which poses beneficial to the users, delivers value, and grips attention of much more than the content of your competitors.

An engaging content can convincingly attract your defined target audience as well as inform them about the business. Not only this helps you to generate leads, but also helps you transform customers into fans and followers. A tactful way to make them believe you.

Must try trends to follow in 2020.

No speculations here, all we talk about is practical tips to boost your site conversions. After all, that is what you are thriving for, aren’t you?

This particular guide contains the best trends which we have decided to accommodate in our plan for ‘how to do content marketing’ in 2020?

And so should you!

In fact, we are pretty sure that you are going to try all of these once you know about them.

Video content is the fundamental weapon for engaging the audience. And no, they are not getting outdated any time sooner! Taking up the popular spot, video content and live streaming have become the most favoured content in the past decade. And thanks to the various video-sharing platforms in 2020, they are still on a commendable growth.

As per stats, 54% of consumers would like to see more video content coming from the brands they like or follow.


Video content has become the most go-to content for any brand to pick up the interest and attention of the audience at a quick pace. Also, as per research video content keeps the audience engaged longer than any other type.

Imparting the correct message and accrediting to the right medium is one definite factor to keep in mind in this regard. There are several platforms available, including the social media sites, Youtube, Tiktok, snapchat and many more. Not to forget, your own website as well.

All that requires is the clever combination of medium and message.

With Alexa and Siri as our new BFFs, we are in an introgression of voice optimised search revolution. It is, in particular, becoming the preferred online searching option. The voice search phenomenon is the most millennial thing that has happened so far. No wonder content marketing is getting transformed.

Typing the query might just get outdated altogether! Possible enough!

One trend which, on every evident note, is going to shape the content creation across the globe is perhaps the voice search feature. As the records stated early in January 2018, the number of monthly voice searches reached over one billion. As such, the transformational possibility of 50% web searches would be that of voice search.

One thing to keep in mind for sure is that voice-activated content creation is no more an option. It is vehemently crucial for the brands to create content which responds to the questions asked by the users. The questions here to take into consideration are conversational in nature and do contain longtail keywords.

Don’t miss the dominating trend of the year! 

One of the major keys to creating engaging content is adopting conversational content. What is to be noted here is that conversational marketing is a sphere which is still evolving. And what we decipher is that it will find quiet a prominence in the best content marketing strategies for brands in 2020.

Are you are a digital marketing agency? Pondering on how to do content marketing in a manner which leads you to optimum engagement? Well, in that case, the conversational marketing is probably or should we say an obvious solution.


Businesses have come to the realisation that to move the buyers in the marketing funnel briskly, the one-on-one conversation is pertinent. What impact do you create when you implement a conversational content marketing strategy?

You create a more human buying experience. Not only that, you can also learn more about your audience which in turn, supports you in creating more relevant content in the future.

Communication is always better when it is two way.

Doesn’t the whole concept of creating content for the web revolve around this?

If your content does not anticipate the possible queries of the user and caters to the search intent, it merely has no strength to compete. What you should be doing here is centring your content creation in a way which makes every piece of your content compelling. What you should not be doing is creating random and bulk content for the sake of it.

User intent now has become the key to create content which has the power to enhance your page and get your content a benevolent SEO ranking. Search engines are no more mechanical. As the Google algorithm changed, it has turned the web searching for more information orientated. The goal is to deliver the information which a user has in mind while searching online.


Do you just randomly pick your products and start selling them? Or do you study the requirement of the customers? What they need and how they might approach it? Isn’t it supposed to be same with the content you create?

All you need to do here is craft your content a little more conveniently than you were doing before.

Do we even need to define this? The reality today is- everything is augmented. Also, users love the concept of augmented reality. Users love all the filters and lenses which allows them to add something more to their images or so to say “content”. In fact, platforms like Snapchat enables you to create your own filters and lenses.


The strong prevalence of AR has already shown its impact in the digital marketing space. If you are wondering how it can help you in the best content marketing strategy, let’s reflect on the campaign by Taco Bell. The brand launched a sponsored lens campaign on Snapchat, which was viewed 224 times. The campaign also turned out to be the top-ranking campaign for the app itself.

As per statistics, there would be 3.5B mobile augmented reality (AR) users by the year 2022 worldwide, which would account for 44% of the population. 

AR is an excellent way of storytelling, and the audience absolutely love it. If you ask us why? The answer would simply be – the engagement in human experience. Also incorporating AR in any form in content marketing strategy would help you present yourself to the users as a brand which keeps leveraging itself along with the advanced technology.

That trick does work!


Here is the magic spell for digital marketing agencies or for any brand who wants to deliver a little more than what their competitors are doing. To be precise, your customers/audience don’t want to receive the same content everyone is receiving. They want something tailored as per their requirements. The information which they are seeking for.

Don’t you just feel good when the Starbucks cup comes with your name on it?  Though they spell it wrong most of the times. Remember Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. It debuted in 2014 with 250 most popular names of the generation in the US to reach the audience. 


It later on expanded those names to relationships, nicknames, endearments etc. And the volume of sales witnessed a substantial growth. There are many such exponential campaigns run by big brands to connect well with the audience.

Personalisation is an old friend; it has just got a makeover with all the digital revolution happening all around which implies that personalisation at this age is no big deal. Delivering personalised content is more manageable now. If you are running an email marketing campaign, it is always wise to tweak the content a little. Avoid forwarding the same material.

The audience loves what is relevant and exciting. 

The struggle now is not just to get your blog as number one. But to get the featured snippets on your brand name. Aren’t we right? We saw the emergence of the feature snippets and how they work to leverage your SEO game. Not just SEO, they are an excellent part in stuffing some more weight to your content.

You need to optimise the content if you want one. Easy said than done, in an era when content creation is no big deal. Though quality is what it stands for added on with a sprinkle of your knowledge in SEO, featured snippets have a lot more to do with SEO. Hence an apt understanding of the SEO trends can be handy.

All the hard work here gets you to that box of Pindara! Well the box of snippets we mean!  Believe it or not, it is not a new feature, only that the snippets boomed out louder in the last few years.

Initially, like any new idea, these were ignored by the marketers as they thought that it was reducing the clicks on the links. The snippets gained popularity when it became a ranking factor. And the realisation came when they discovered that users like quick answers.

Although it is mostly SEO related, you have to be smart in crafting your content.

Add some points which could be traced as ‘snippet worthy’.

Heard it right! You can’t be complaining no one is listening to you anymore. All you need to do is create content which people can listen through!

Podcasts are not going vintage any sooner. They are here to evolve better instead. Also, they are favoured by a good proportion. The growth of podcasting has been multiplying in an exploding rate. And if you haven’t ventured into this form of content sharing, what are you waiting for?


It is the perfect time to start a podcast for your brand. There is an apparent demand for audio content. It is not something which you create for experimenting or working on when someone from your team who has ‘enough time’ to work on it.

Make sure you have podcasts in your content planners. It is always a huge opportunity to try new mediums for many brands to attract new customers. Yes, but don’t start without deciding what purpose you want your podcasts to serve.

Would you like to reach customers? Or do you want to interview potential business partners or someone prominent from the business? Are you trying to position a thought partner for your brand?

Make yourself heard!

You by far, must have acknowledged the fact that everything around is data-driven. Storytelling is a powerful tool for driving the audience to your brand territory. All your content in terms of relevance, creativity, personalisation, etc. hence should be powered by data.

If you still ask why data-driven content is a must, we’d ask you to delve deeper into the trends. And all you’ll find is content that’s driven by DATA. A firm content marketing strategy works to provide intentional and specific value to the audience.


The question is, how do you do that? How do you determine what value you add and provide to the audience?

The answer is simple. Approach your content strategy based entirely on critically analysed data and demographics. But don’t forget to distinguish the right data! Ensure that your content creation and strategy are not driven by just any data but the right ones. Remember to discover the vanity metrics and ignore them.

Right data is the key!


Adding on to the above trends, here a few more things you can certainly emphasise on.

The battle of identifying a content strategy which helps to extract the best in business is definitely something. Other than the major content marketing trends for the year ahead which we just talked about, here are a few add-ons for your content to work well. More than hunting the best content marketing strategy, what is required is a balanced mix. And a perspective which has vision different from your competitors.

Focus on what outcomes are the audience or the readers expecting. Find ways which help your audience get fasters results. Hence focus primarily on results. How? In the simplest terms, predict the answers first and construct the questions accordingly. Content which is easier to consume is more desirable. Also, keep in mind to focus on leading the reader to their desired result faster.

Google algorithms have evolved in varied manners in the past years. One such algorithm is google now scrutinises the quality of more than just a single page when ranking that page, which means, it now considers the context of a given page within the entire site. As such, the assessment is from the perspective of the individual searcher. Build your authority over the content value.

Pay attention to the increasing proliferation of the messaging apps and the required content for the same. This is one thing you should not be missing out in any way. The wave of messaging apps stepping into the marketing arena is voluminous already. It is vital to keep an eye on all the channels of marketing and in particular the one which is gaining popularity.

Time and again, SEO is your one true friend. Your content should upgrade with the SEO trends. Content creation as per SEO is never getting outdated. SEO and content marketing together have skyrocketed the digital marketing scenario. Content aligned with SEO will always have the upper hand in creating formidable website traffic and brand awareness. Not to mention generating leads.

Break the monotony guys; we have already talked about the trend of personalisation. Dynamic content delivery is nothing different. Repeating what we stated earlier, an influx of dynamic and personalised content is mandatory. You create value by combining personalisation to the content variety. Come on, be dynamic, because what is not dynamic is boring!

Final thoughts.


Your content should implicitly explain your brand value in every manner. Everything boils down to the point that you need to highlight yourself better than rest in the market. At the same time, it is pertinent that you monitor all the channels of content marketing. Along with it, what seeks acute and equal attention is how you are distributing the content. Before creating the content, decide which content works well for your audience.

Hope we have delivered enough content for you to ponder upon!ad

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