Videos: An Integral Part of Healthcare Marketing Strategy

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For the past few years, videos have become an integral part of the marketing strategies of many companies. Especially when it comes to the healthcare segment, video marketing has become one of the most successful and powerful tools. We are in an era where people are not reading content more than 30 seconds, but are watching YouTube for hours. As it is a proven fact that visuals have a long-lasting effect on our memories, marketers are using it to the core.

The healthcare market has changed over a while. Today the way we avail health services is different from what our parents or grandparents have experienced in the past. This generation is dependent on their smartphones and seeks medical help online. Hence, it becomes vital for healthcare companies to promote their brand through video marketing. But, healthcare companies are not only doing promotion but also educating their audiences.

Where online consultation on video chats have become very popular, personalising patient care is the highest priority of the healthcare companies and hospitals. The access to medical help in remote areas available for 24 hours has made millions of lives easy. There are different kinds of videos made by healthcare marketers to tackle the challenges in healthcare marketing.

Patient Story Videos

Connecting with the brand at a personal level is essential. Patient stories must focus on how they achieved success rather than concentrating on your brand. Testimonials are the best way to connect to your audience. For instance, look at this patient testimonial.


An international patient testimonial has added value and credibility to the hospital. Gaining audience trust is the most significant motive behind these healthcare videos. But the most crucial factor to be kept in mind while making such videos is to maintain the quality of it. Secondly, the content should be crisp and unnecessary details must be edited. People do not have time to watch lengthy testimonials. Hence, it should be short and connect with the audiences. 

Hospital Tour Videos

The AR/VR technology has given new wings to healthcare advertisers. One can show a virtual tour showcasing the state of the art facility, specialised equipment, and special care units. But the essential element while making such videos is adding a personal touch and care. The hospitals must highlight their USP in such videos. The high-quality graphics enhance the user experience. 

Service-related videos

Commitment is a huge factor in healthcare service. How healthcare providers are giving service to their patients is tackled in many videos. For instance, senior citizen care is one of the primary services extensively covered in healthcare videos. Service-related videos must touch the pain points of the customer. Audiences must feel that the healthcare service is their ultimate solution provider.  


Specific Ailment Care Videos 

Videos related to the cure of particular diseases or any ailment are educational and informative. The aim of such videos is not to instil fear but to explain specific procedures and treatments of illness. For instance, videos on complicated procedures such as heart surgery help to inform the patient about the process and calm their fears too. A large number of healthcare companies promote explainer videos about particular technology used to cure a disease.

Doctor Videos

Experts or medical practitioners talking on a health-related topic helps in building trust in the patients. Video interviews with doctors and medical practitioners help the patients to get an idea about the doctor. It helps to set the first stage of building the trust factor. Patients want to know more about doctors, and these videos bridge the gap between them. Doctors also can answer some common questions for the audiences. 

Team Videos 

Videos made on hospital staff and medical team members is an excellent way to connect with the audience. For instance, the video made by The Ottawa Hospital is an excellent example of presenting their team of medical experts. 


Focussing on your team will not only help in creating a strong brand identity as well as building an indirect relationship with the patients. 

News and Announcement Videos 

For publishing any news or for any announcements, videos are the best medium of communication. Bulletin is an essential piece of information that can be conveyed best through videos. Various medical organisations use videos to inform their internal as well as external audiences. 

The next step is to market these videos through different channels. The healthcare industry faces many medical practice marketing challenges. Video marketing is a challenging job, as millions of videos are uploaded on the internet every day. It is essential to use the appropriate channels on the internet and choose the right content to make the video viral. Firstly the companies should try to make use of the existing content such as blog posts or whitepapers or any relevant data. The content you select should be based on analytics. Next, all the videos must be posted on YouTube, company website and other social media channels. It is not something that people want to watch it again and again. Thus, video marketing strategy should be strong.

You will find an ample number of healthcare videos shared on YouTube. From factual information to promotional content, healthcare is going places when it comes to video marketing. Healthcare marketing is using new creative ideas to make the videos appear interesting and not mundane. Besides videos, live streaming and webinars are used widely to promote healthcare products and services. 

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