Ways to Use LinkedIn to Power Your Business

LinkedIn is an amazing networking tool and should definitely be a part of your business strategy, not just your personal life. It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with thousands of people from all over the world, as well as business partners and employees. Discover the five ways to use LinkedIn for business purposes in this article.

LinkedIn as Networking Tool

Connect on LinkedIn – but there are no limits to who you should connect with. Connect with people from your local community, local businesses, or other LinkedIn members.

Generating Leads – If you are looking for a new job opportunity or have a dream company you would like to work for, you need to start connecting and interacting with people from that company. 

Keep your profile public – accept new connection requests and always be open to a connection, but simply connecting is not enough. You never know what your LinkedIn network will offer you, so keep it open and accept them all.

Build your personal profile and business You should also invest some time in building your personal profile and business page and write an introduction that distinguishes your company. Use a professional-looking head shot both as a private profile photo and on the company page. If you use a header image, keep it clean, keep its correct size, and use it for both personal profiles and corporate pages.

Interact with others and build connections If you want to fully exploit LinkedIn’s networking potential, interacting with others and building meaningful connections is critical. Using LinkedIn alone as a publishing platform is not enough; create a robust profile that gives your readers the ability to guide them through your site. Fill in the appropriate fields, add a link to your LinkedIn profile page as well as links to other LinkedIn pages and relevant information about yourself and your company. 

In addition to sharing your own content, thoughtfully comment on other people’s content and ask questions. If you post your own content, be sure to respond to comments, and if asked, share links to other content. 

Publishing Platform

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for content creation and the only social network that can be used as a publishing platform for articles. By posting status updates and links to your content on your website, you can generate exclusive content for your LinkedIn audience, and groups that are relevant to you and your company, as well as content from other companies and other social networks. 

According to a recent study by LinkedIn’s Social Media Marketing Group,posting an article on LinkedIn is a great way to promote social engagement on LinkedIn, create brand awareness and target traffic to your website. 

In addition, 45% of LinkedIn readers are more interested in content than other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn also provides analytics on the articles you create, making it easy to determine which articles get the most traction. 

Online Reputation Management

The first rule of online reputation management is to ensure that you appear on all social media profiles, including your LinkedIn profile. It is also good practice to claim that you can create a social profile on behalf of your company, even if you do not plan to be extremely active there. This is because you are more likely to appear in the results that appear when someone searches for a company’s name.

This makes it easier for you to create business pages for your company  and to claim a valuable place in the SERP. The more properties you can accumulate on the SERP, the better your chances of placing and the higher your ranking. 

Generate Leads

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can generate leads and perform conversions with a single shortcut. 

If you have a product to sell, you will find people who can buy from you on LinkedIn, or you can do it organically and switch to a sales plan. LinkedIn users have purchasing power, 44% earn more than $75,000 a year, and 40 million of them are in decision-making and thus have the ability to hire agencies to license software and start businesses. 

You can find new customers on LinkedIn or switch from a marketing plan to an online sales plan with a single click on your profile. 

You can also get insights on the current leads, including business growth, job changes and more, as well as current leads from other LinkedIn members and other social media platforms. 

Subscribe to find New Talent

LinkedIn offers subscriptions making it easy to find talent. Use the advanced search options to find exactly what you’re looking for and find the right people in your business. 

Manage and sort your candidate pool using LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities and the ability to sort and manage candidate pools in real time.

If you have a human resources manager, Recruiter Lite is a useful tool to help you assess candidates. If you are just starting to scale your business and do not yet have access to a full-time human resources manager or in-house recruiter, it is a great solution. You can save thousands of dollars if you currently use a job agency to support your hiring needs. 


If you want to expand your network, scale your business, and find leads,LinkedIn is an enormously helpful means for businesses. As you spend more time on other social networks, you should start exploring the possibilities and create LinkedIn pages for each company. You may find that you have a huge presence on LinkedIn, but the more time you spend there, the better your chances of success. 

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