“ Every Great Brand Is Like A Great Story.”

- Kelvin Plank


We believe in building intelligent brands. We believe that a brand story is not justmeant to be heard, but to be remembered forever. We hunt opportunities to position the brand’s name in utmost prominence amongst the right target audience for it. We also work with precision to add meaning to the clients’ ideas and enhance the uniqueness of a brand. Our branding strategy also makes sure that our client is not dangling somewhere amongst the many hoardings or pop-up ads, and being continuously ignored.

Our branding services are tailored and detailed for our clients, and cover both the offline and online spectrum.



  • Naming

    Are you confused about the name that best suits your ideologies? Let our content creators do the brainstorming for you! Whether you are a consulting agency or a real estate business; whether you sell products or services, we help you name your project/firm in a way that it perfectly represents your work and company values.

  • Brand Story and Brand Film

    What’s a brand without a story to tell? We at Wolftain provide solutions to you for the audience that likes to know more about your brand. We work on your brand story and brand films, which in today’s world are the most intelligent marketing and advertising tools. We craft your brand stories keeping in mind that “it’s not what you tell your audience but it’s what they believe in”.

  • Rebranding

    There are times when you want to revamp your existence but hate all the work and re-work it demands. If you are an already existing brand and feel the need to change your corporate image, we are here. Innovation is one of the key values of Wolftain. Hence, we never shy away from re-inventing your brand and paving you a path of growth.

  • Packaging design

    We understand that the iconic coca-cola bottle or the yellow packet of the most favourite instant noodles Maggie is exactly how packaging makes a brand. And hence, we provide the service of package design by creating attractive packaging for your products, which imprints on the mind of the audience.

  • Branding Kit : Stationary and Print design

    We take responsibility of designing you a complete branding kit including visiting cards, letter-heads, envelops, I.D cards, folders etc. We also design other merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, bags, pen etc., according to your requirements and customise them as per your needs.

  • Celebrity or Personality Branding

    Influencer marketing is one popular way of getting your brand noticed and we have our hands-on expertise on it too. If you want to associate some celebrity, or want some personality in the industry to endorse your brand we are here to help you reach them for seminars, speeches, TV or print ads, etc.

  • Brand Identity (Logo, Color, Typography, Iconography, Tagline/ jingles,voice and tone)

    You may have a brand in mind, but how well is it out on paper and represented publicly? Your brand is a collection of all that it represents everywhere. Hence, we construct brand identities by the composite of all the elements visual and reachable to the audience. We create signifiers for your brand keeping in mind the designs which will make you stand out from the rest.


  • Brand : Persona, Awareness and Engagement

    People like to buy from the brands which are familiar and known. And to be familiar, you need a strong brand persona; awareness about the brand and active engagement. Wolftain understands the value that your brand must signify on the internet. We take care of your overall and specific online visibility thoroughly.

  • Social Media management

    Social media has become the very essence of a popular brand today and hashtags are more powerful than the idea itself. We create and manage your social media campaigns and make sure your target audience is reaching out to you. We curate attractive social media posts and find out hashtags apt for your company’s branding.

  • Rebranding

    Our rebranding service is not limited to the offline mode only. We take care of re-establishing your brand in every aspect. If it involves, starting from scratch on the web too, then be it! And since online presence is also an inevitable branding strategy, we take care of it as much as we take care of everything else.

  • CRM

    Are you tired of understanding what works and what doesn’t for your customer? Are you scared of forming a relationship that will last? If yes, then worry not! We provide customer relationship management solutions, for managing relationships and interactions with both existing andpotential customers. Our CRM services helps you to connect with your clients, streamline processing and improve the profit proportion.

  • Personality/ Celebrity Branding

    Celebrities and personalities are extensively followed and easily traced on social media or other online platform. Every other brand or business today is looking for a face to endorse them. We cater to collaboration and influencer marketing which is widely popular and help you create a faithful market presence.

  • Environmental and Emotional Branding

    Environmental and emotional branding helps in posing the brand in a positive image, inclined towards social responsibilities and connecting emotionally with the audience. We through emotional and environmental branding help you develop brand loyalty for your brand. We maximize on the fact that ‘a customer relates to a brand that relates with it'. We also design campaigns for you, triggering the emotional quotient of the audience.


Wolftain Agency Pvt Ltd. goes live with its website in Bangalore onMonday, 9th September, 2019. Wolftain is an agency dealing with Advertising, Marketing, Branding and Web Development. The agency is allset to make its presence in the market, opening its services to a broader spectrum of the industry.