Sharan Baluragi


Mr Sharan Baluragi, is a key visionary, who has with time and beyond only made our brand more powerful. As an 'extra-ordinary' artist, a creator and a positive influence in the company, our COO brings stability and passion to the team. We at Wolftain consider him as an enigmatic pillar of the company for his excellent administrative and team-building skills.

Sweta Ojha


While other youngsters are still clueless about their goals and vision, Miss Sweta Ojha is an example of passion and dedication that fuels the growth of the company. As the CMO, she is an array of expertise on the 'table of work' daily. Not just that, but she is also a TEDx speaker, a best-selling author, a social-activist running an NGO, and most importantly, someone we are incredibly proud of.

Wolf Lead

Wolftain defines brands by prioritizing and carefully examining each content it delivers to its clients. Wolf Lead turns businesses into noteworthy brands by curating creative insights and required information. Team content also makes sure that the information is easily relatable, audience-centric, and is of industry standards.

Wolf Beta

Wolftain translates the brand vision into a visual representation by designing brands that stay forever. Wolf Beta takes care of all the designing aspects that includes the aesthetic outlook and unique concepts. The design team also makes sure that the audience do not get distracted from the brand for even a flick of a second!

Wolf Delta

Wolftain is a one-stop solution for clients caught up in the web for design & development services. Wolf Delta supports the clients with back-end, development support and work for a web presence friendlier than their competitors. The development team also provides complete assistance to create the right interface for the clients and their audience.

Wolf Hunters

Wolftain hunts down growth in the modern day business world through a stellar Search Engine Optimization startegy. Wolf hunters make sure that our clients are SEO advance and have the maximum reach. The SEO team also aligns the content and the technical aspects to leverage your visibility in the market.

Wolf Healers

Wolftain works diligently and smartly to establish and maintain a connection for the clients through Social Media and PPC. Wolf Healers with their patience and planning scan the ongoing trends and contribute to the brand’s reach and presence. They also help refurbish any existing presence the clients had.

Wolf Zeta

Wolftain maintains a formidable and long term relationship between the client and their customers through Client servicing. Wolf Zeta consistently works on the same from the beginning to the end of an outreach. The team also provides constant updates, briefings and implements improvisations from your goals. 

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