“ The Aim Of Marketing Is To Reduce The Need For Selling.”

- Philip Kotler


We believe marketing should never be siloed. We believe in every new idea that our clients add to the table and recognize its respective marketing needs. We add value to your unique ideas by catering the correct marketing mixture that is intelligent, informative, and analytical. Our marketing strategy capitalizes your idea’s worth by populating your sales funnel and comes with a contingency plan for any possible marketing mishaps.

Our marketing services are delivered as the right blend of both offline and online marketing world.



  • Guerrilla Marketing

    We provide non-traditional marketing measures which incorporates cost-effective, high energy and imaginative marketing strategy to take consumer by surprise.

  • Traditional/ ATL/ BTL/ TTL Marketing

    We provide services that includes all kinds of traditional marketing measures like print marketing, direct mail etc.

  • Channel Marketing

    Our marketing strategy focuses on new channels or medium like events, workshop or road shows to showcase your product/service under the right spotlight it deserves.

  • Cross Cultural Marketing

    Through Cross Cultural Marketing, we provide a type of personal marketing that targets client’s different cultures. This marketing aims for a higher reach and usually is done in an international range.

  • Outdoor Marketing

    We provide any form of outdoor marketing and our marketing collaterals usually include billboards, wall murals, and bus banners.

  • Video Marketing

    Usually Video Marketing is the normal go-to for brands to reach maximum reach, and we at Wolftain have a dedicated team working on the same.

  • Transit Marketing

    We also provide transit marketing that involves car boards, digital ads through cab services etc.

  • Brand Marketing

    A marketing measure that concentrates on a bigger picture comes under Brand Marketing. We at Wolftain create marketing strategies as and when required to promote the brand as a whole.

  • Affinity/ Alliance Marketing

    For this type of marketing measure, we bring your brand into alliance with some other brand that perfectly complements you and promote both your brands as a whole.

  • Brick and Mortar Marketing

    We provide any face-to-face marketing measures taken on storefronts collectively. Our Brick and Mortar marketing methods involve both online and offline measures like surveys, offers, flyers etc.

  • Cause Marketing

    Cause marketing mainly targets social causes to increase social responsibilities of corporates, and we are said to associate noble partnerships in this arena.

  • Influencer Marketing

    We employ brand advocates to drive your marketing message to a larger market.

  • Community Marketing

    We conduct marketing activities for existing customer base or the ones targeting a particular community.

  • In-Game/ Sports Marketing

    We like the bigger brands, under game marketing brands and adopt a strategy which features their product in digital game.

  • AR/VR

    Digital reality is the new reality, next-age marketing that involves Augmented and Virtual Reality, and we are blooming with expertise in it.

  • Opportunity Marketing

    We are always open to creating a dynamic and instantaneous marketing measure based on the opportunities that is presented to your brand.

  • Ambush Marketing

    We also seldom surprise your customers by including marketing measures in a sponsored or featured event.

  • Cross media marketing

    We follow a strict promotional marketing measure that concentrates on various mediums of mass-media.

  • Differential Marketing

    Our marketing measures systematically checks for irregularities in customer’s behaviour and adopts strategies accordingly.

  • Disruptive Marketing

    We use disruptive technologies to target a particular segment of audience to attain a wider reach through innovation.

  • Drip Marketing

    We send ‘drips’ or a set of pre-written messages as a part of our effective marketing strategy every now and then. (Email marketing, WhatsApp marketing etc.)

  • Experiential Marketing

    We sometimes also strategize a marketing plan that concentrates only on consumer’s brand experience.

  • Freebies/ Sample Marketing

    We also focus on enhancing a brand’s awareness by sharing low-cost product or service for free.

  • Geographical Marketing

    We extensively market ourselves based on a particular area of customers that you as a brand look for.

  • Environmental Marketing

    We also include and concentrate on environmental and friendly measures in our strategies.

  • Promotional Marketing

    We follow measures that concentrates on increasing customer’s interest on your brand’s product/service and influence their purchase decision through promotion.

  • Referral Marketing

    We do not neglect the oldest and most trusted marketing strategy that concentrates on word-of-mouth. We use this type of marketing to increase your customer base as and when required.


  • Digital Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

    Any marketing measure that is taken on digital medium as a part of inbound sales activity comes under Digital Marketing. So if you are looking for setting up a market for you online, we'll do it for you!

  • Close Range Marketing

    We target marketing leads through a type of proximity marketing that uses technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to send marketing messages.

  • Goods/Product Marketing

    We focus on product launches and other product related attributes of a brand to market it further in the business world.

  • Loyalty Marketing

    We also focus on loyalty marketing that aims to entice the existing customer base to make the purchase again and again.

  • Mass Marketing

    We also follow mass marketing methods that are not specifically segmented and are still appealing to the entire market.

  • Undercover Marketing

    As the title suggests, this marketing approach has our undercover agents pump up their brain and devise a strategy in a unique and ‘un-marketing’ way.

  • ORM

    We focus on a brand’s online presence and online reputation through online reputation management.


Wolftain Agency Pvt. Ltd is a promising personification of customer trust and loyalty while converting a business to a brand of its own. We are a powerhouse of creative individuals bridging the gap and unifying efforts that cater in and around services like Advertising, Branding, Marketing, and Web Development. Our business goals do not abide by all the clichéd efforts to a recent trend. We instead focus on removing stagnant procedures that only help you achieve short-term benefits. We believe that “a brand is built by its customer” and hence, offer every support to help you attract, retain, and nurture the right customer base for your business. Our procedures abide by your target audience as we take the time to assess your present scenario before strategizing the roadmap. We also help our clients get tailor-made solutions by educating them about all the suitable options available!