Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Q. How does the pricing structure works?

    Our pricing structure depends on the brand’s objectiveand its respective business models.It also depends on various factors including the brand’s currentposition, andbranding, development, advertising and marketing needs.The priceis customised and varies from one company to another.

  • 1. How does the pricing structure works?

    Our pricing structure depends on the brand’s objectiveand its respective business models.It also depends on various factors including the brand’s current position, andbranding, development, advertising and marketing needs.The price is customised and varies from one company to another.

  • 2. How are marketing, branding and advertisement campaigns collaborated anddesigned together?

    Based on the brand’s business model, the necessary marketing, advertisement andbrandingoptions are selected and a single plan is drafted. In the plan, we prioritizethe servicesand organize the detailed services in each to ultimately provide a one-in-allsolution for the brand.

  • 3. Is there any option of selecting my own services from the options you provide?

    We deliver solutions which are a mix-and-match of online & offline to deliver thebest possible reach for your brand.We believe in the magic that the best of both worlds creates and know the trickby-heart too. Hence,we do not provide selection of services.

  • 4. Before investing in your services can I try it once for free to gain a betterunderstanding?

    Free trials work for short-term goals and vaguer results. When we take a projectin hand, we dedicateour whole team into building a brand out of it. You can’t expect any results ina few days of serviceif you’re looking for progress that stays forever. Since none of our servicesare exclusively available,we do not provide a free trial. Our investment in your company depends on thetrust you put in us while investing and vice versa.

  • 5. Does your web design services offer domain name and hosting services?

    We don’t offer domain and hosting services. However we can assist you inselecting the right service provider for the same. Also, our team worksreligiously to comeup with domain names that best suits your requirement and complements yourbusiness needs.

  • 6. How soon can I see the results of the services availed?

    The services we offer are a package of long-term benefits and help in dynamicallyincreasing your brand’s outlook andreach. The results can be as soon as a month or might take as long as sixmonths, depending on the current positionof your brand and rebranding or retargeting needs.

  • 7. In what aspects your services differ from other services that are available inthe market?

    The services we offer consists of a beautiful amalgamation of advertisement,branding and marketing. No other companytargets a brand from a multi-dimensional approach like ours. Our solutionstarget important metrics like conversionrates on your sales efforts, increasing value for your brand, increasing yourcustomer retention rate etc, retargeting,and converting your business into a brand. The solutions that we offer areadaptive and evolve according to the marketingtrends and customer needs and are highly flexible and personalised.

  • 8. Once I decide to avail all the services, what will be the further steps tofollow?

    Once you make the decision to avail our services, we will take you through ourdetailed process of research,execution and deliverability. You can read more about it in “how we work".

  • 9. What sort of communication strategy do you follow?

    Our preferred mode of communication are emails sent periodically. We alsocommunicate via phone calls, and in-person,if and when required. Once you become our client, a dedicatedclient service manager is automatically assigned to you for ease ofcommunication.

  • 10. What industries do you cater to?

    We cater to every industry that can be serviced under marketing and advertisinglaws. Please read “compliance” tounderstand the exceptions and the laws that we comply with..

  • 11. What are your guarantees of success rate?

    Our assurance towards your success is definite because we have a head-strong teamof researchers and implementers who devisethe best plan for your brand health. Our vision is a long-term establishment foryour company and hence, our methods guaranteeyour position as a milestone in the industry you cater to.