About Us

What We Do?

Wolftain Agency Pvt. Ltd is a promising personification of customer trust and loyalty while converting a business to a brand of its own. We are a powerhouse of creative individuals bridging the gap and unifying efforts that cater in and around services like Advertising, Branding, Marketing, and Web Development. Our business goals do not abide by all the clichéd efforts to a recent trend. We instead focus on removing stagnant procedures that only help you achieve short-term benefits. We believe that “a brand is built by its customer” and hence, offer every support to help you attract, retain, and nurture the right customer base for your business. Our procedures abide by your target audience as we take the time to assess your present scenario before strategizing the roadmap. We also help our clients get tailor-made solutions by educating them about all the suitable options available!

Founding Story


Mr. Syed Mahboob


Mr. Syed Mahboob is the father of Zinnia Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd, which also happens to be the parent company for Wolftain Agency India Pvt. Ltd. As the Chairman of both the companies, Mr. Mahboob comes from a very simple yet strong background of helping people through employment. He has been working on and off as a business owner and an entrepreneur for 25 years. In his venture of expanding his company and satiating his quest, he met the idea of growth in the form of Wolftain. Ever since, he has only been looking to transform the business world through services offered by our agency. His end goal, in general, is to be a part of the solutions that the world complains of.


Viswa Prathap


Mohammed Wasim

Managing Director

Mohammed Thofiq


Wolftain started with the idea of transforming businesses into full-fledged brands known worldwide, and is the result of tireless concepts and brainstorming right out of its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Viswa Prathap. He holds an expertise of Sales, Marketing & Business Development for different companies for over 13 years. In his venture of creating a brand that is a one-stop solution for all the industry related pain points, Mr. Mohammed Wasim and Mohammed Thofiq, the current managing directors of the company joined hands to make his dream - a reality.While Mr. Mohammed Wasim comes with a power-packed background of IT and all things digital for 17 years, Mr. Mohammed Thofiq hails from a detailed background in Management for 7 years now.The founder of the company, along with the Managing Directors are three very different yet like-minded individuals who believe in optimization of solutions and solving each aspect of it. As founders,they are a team of alphas leading the pack sportively and diligently.