“Don't comment bad code - rewrite it. ”

- Brian Kernighan


For businesses today, the importance of a robust and fully functional website is paramount. As a web design and development agency, Wolftain promises to deliver reliable web products that are core to growing your business in the tech-savvy landscape. We offer customized end-to-end software solutions and build interactive websites that act as an interface between you and your online customers. If you were looking for a creative UI UX company, to help you have a credible online presence, then you’ve come to the right place. As one of the top Website development services in Bangalore, Wolftain is involved in the design and development of high-quality secure websites and mobile apps that help your business gain a strong foothold in the online space. We do not stop at just creating websites and web products. As a new-age Web development Company in India, we go a step ahead and effectively implement Search Engine Optimization and Online Branding in later stages. Our primary focus when making websites or creating apps is to provide a good UX design and ease of use. Our product design includes a well-designed front end experience and an efficiently running backend.


UI/UX Design

We understand that sites need to have a clear website architecture. Our team of Web designers and specifically the UI/ UX design studio team ensures to give you clean and easy to navigate websites, making the journey of a customer from introduction point to conversion point as smooth as possible. In E-commerce site development, we design interactive and compelling landing pages that will effectively take your customer from cart to payment gateway without being distracted. As a UX design company, we work hard on the visual appeal of your site, to design websites and apps that your customers will LOVE. We hate complexity as much as you do and strategically plan your website structure and flow using wireframes and prototyping.

Website Development

We develop contemporary and stylish websites that act as a digital interface between your brand and customers. Our web development strategies make sure that your business is not just another random site on the internet. Be it a small informational website, a simple blog, a complex online portal, or a full-fledged e-commerce store. We design and implement each website with aptness. We also present informative content on your website, to educate a visitor, and introduce your brand/product to him. We understand that a responsive website is what can truly make or break your business, therefore we strive to stay abreast of changing trends in website design. Customer requirements remain the focal point in our product development lifecycle. We emphasise on functionality, ease-of-use, and the site’s ability towards marketing your brand. Our team of experienced front end & back end developers and highly skilled designers, deliver bespoke websites of top quality. We also help you maintain your website with timely updates.

Web Application Development

Take your online presence a notch higher, by introducing your very own customized creative Web application. Be it an E-commerce app, advanced web portal or a useful app to add functionality to your primary product, an interactive web application can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. We design and deploy state of the art apps that you can use to drive in more sales, educate your customers, or get interactions and feedbacks. The advantage of using a web app, in addition to your website, is that it stores and retrieves on request, user data, thereby eliminating a cumbersome communication effort between the customer and the business. As one of the best Mobile app development companies, Wolftain delivers customised S/W products that grow your ROI by bringing you more customers and adding to your brand positively.

Agile Software Development Services

We employ the agile software development framework through all phases of the SDLC- from planning and conceptualization to gathering of requirements, prototype design, development, and ultimate deployment. We involve the client at every phase, for continuous feedback, and make use of iterative planning and feedback loop, to ensure that we can maximize the value delivery of our services, all along the development process. Our team of Developers at Wolftain are experienced in developing robust, reliable and efficient systems, with a view to delivering software solutions that match and exceed your desired outcome.


Do you remember visiting the same doctor for all your ailments, as a child? We do too! After all, healthcare was purely based on word-of-mouth a few years ago, wasn’t it? Back then, our only solution was to seek the advice of the family physician (and expect him to heal whatever it is). Whatever be the situation, whether a fever or a fracture, we only visited doctors that we knew of. And only if and when the doctor suggested us to approach a specialist, we would consider getting an appointment done.