We're Not Hiring, Just Anybody

We are looking for hunters, not gatherers.We are looking for wolfs ready to flesh out new ideas and challenge the norms.To join in the pack, you have to be armed with instincts to sniff out boring marketing practices, devour on future trends and howl in pride at every achievement with us.

Why Work at Wolftain?

At Wolftain, everyone matters. As simple as that! We work with passion and celebrate with verve.

We Promote to inclusivity: It goes without saying that diversity is key to our organisation. We are open to any and everycultural and diverse background. Our office is a secure space for female employees.

We Crave for creativity: There’s never a dull day at Wolftain. We love hearing from people, and putting ideas to test. We dislike hierarchy as much as you do.

We nurture dreams: Our philosophy “For the strength of the pack is the wolf,and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” Stands true to its existence always. We aid in the growth of our wolves, from sharpening their skill sets to becoming better hunters.

Benefits and perks

What sets us apart from the good tea, coffee and lunch, is our lively and playful environment.A swanky office located in the heart of the city, we believe in open thoughts and open spaces. We don’t have co-workers, we have comrades. We laugh harder than we smile, and work harder than we play.

We believe in the right work-life balance, thus introducing flexible timings, weekends off and offer many benefits such as team outings, parental leaves, sick leaves and more.

We find it hard to eat alone, and thus share our prey, in our unique and applause worthy profit sharing model and want to retain our wolves for the longest time possible, by introducing retirement benefits.

We are here, to build a tribe!