Wolftain ready to mark its trail in the Advertising, Branding and Marketing industry.

09/09/2019, Benguluru

Wolftain Agency Pvt Ltd. goes live with its website in Bangalore on Monday, 9th September, 2019. Wolftain is an agency dealing with Advertising, Marketing, Branding and Web Development. The agency is all set to make its presence in the market, opening its services to a broader spectrum of the industry.

With its head office based in Bengaluru, Wolftain has arrived with a range of options for the services across different channels both online and offline. It is said to be the only company that brands, advertises and markets a business into a brand. Trying to align its services with the market needs and trends, Wolftain has set its goals to “Actuate, Ideate and Novate” the existing industry scenario.

The agency has assembled new talents with unlimited potential. It has specialized teams working under the supervision of experts who can drive out the best of these talents. Bringing in new perspectives and visions to the table, Wolftain Agency Pvt. Ltd has a diverse team with its members from different backgrounds to bring out the best in the fields.

The agency already has some substantial clients in its kitty with both local and based abroad. The aim of the agency is to break through the archaic rules which are not beneficial in the current times anymore.